Mosquito Control

The City of Dellwood authorized and directed the Mayor to execute a contract with St. Louis County, by and through its Department of Health to perform mosquito control services within the City. This service contracts for the control of mosquito breeding sites (larviciding) and adult mosquito activity (adulticiding.) St. Louis County is currently spraying for mosquitoes every other Monday evening.

Mosquitoes develop in water in short amounts of time. Adult mosquitoes may rest in tall grass and weeds but never develop there. A young mosquito needs water in order to survive in its early stages of life. Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water and those eggs develop in just a few days time. Helpful information to prevent mosquitoes:

1. Identify sources of stagnant water and properly remove them if possible. Water in wheel barrows, buckets, clogged gutters and other open containers can produce several mosquitoes in a short amount of time.

2. Empty and replace the water in birdbaths or small plastic pools as frequently as possible.

3. If there is still or standing water on or near your property from sewer or creek water problems, please contact Metropolitan Sewer District at 314-768-6260 or online at Sewer District