Attorney Information

Entry of Appearance / Recommendation Request / Discovery Request

Please deliver in person or mail your entry of appearance and Request for Warrant Recall (if applicable) to:

The City of Dellwood Municipal Court
1415 Chambers Road
Dellwood, MO 63135

Please review the procedures for an Entry of Appearance, Request for Recommendation, Request for Discovery, or a Request for Continuance. The Court is NOT responsible for forwarding information to the Prosecuting Attorney, nor will we forward a copy of the entry, requests or any additional paperwork to the Prosecuting Attorney. 

Entry of Appearance

 An attorney who intends to represent a defendant in this court shall forward to the court an Entry of Appearance Memorandum.  The Memorandum (not letter) should be directed to the court and may be filed by mail or facsimile. The Memorandum should contain the caption of the case, including the defendant’s name, case number(s) (if known), date of birth, court date, attorney’s name, bar number and contact information.  If submitting by facsimile, attorney’s fax number should be included as well.  The Entry shall be dated and shall include a certificate of service indicating a copy has been forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney.  If the attorney wishes to receive a copy of the filed Entry of Appearance, a self-addressed stamped envelope should be included with the entry, and the request should be noted.  

 An attorney is entered on a case unless and until the case is disposed; the attorney withdraws or is discharged by the client.  The court cannot and will not communicate with a defendant that is represented by counsel. In the event an attorney submits an Entry of Appearance on a case in which another attorney has previously entered and not withdrawn, the second attorney shall be designated as co-counsel.

Request for Recommendation

If the attorney is requesting a Recommendation/Plea Agreement from the Prosecuting Attorney, a separate Memorandum directed to the Prosecuting Attorney shall be forwarded directly to the Prosecuting Attorney via facsimile or by mail. Proof of a valid license, reinstatement or insurance should get submitted directly to the Prosecuting Attorney.

Request for Discovery

Requests for discovery shall be directed to the Prosecuting Attorney. 

Request for Continuance

Continuances can only be granted by the Judge or by the Court Administrator as authorized by the Judge.  Requests for continuances are not granted until approved by the Court.  Attorneys should not assume their request has been granted and should contact the Court prior to the court date to determine the same. In the event your request for continuance is filed less than three business days prior to the court date you may be required to appear in court.  It is the responsibility of counsel to contact the court to determine the status of their request for a continuance.

Acceptance of Recommendation/Sentence and Judgment

 After the recommendation has been accepted, signed and dated at the bottom by both the Defendant and the Attorney, the signed 3-part recommendation letter should be returned back to the Court by the date given. Once the Court receives the signed recommendation, the Judge will review the accepted recommendation, and issue a Sentence and Judgment form. This form will be mailed back to the attorney with the payment total, payment arrangement and date that the payment is due.